North Yorkshire based painter, Stephen Stott is a graduate from the Cleveland College of Art and Design where he achieved a First Class BA(Hons) degree. His practice consists of researching the effects of light upon the coastal landscape with a focus on the overwhelming colour, encapsulating shape or dominant line. 

Working from his studio, he expands these initial ideas whilst also exploring the physicality  of paint on the chosen surface. He paints with oil on canvas or on wood. Stephen Has exhibited at numerous art fairs and continually shows his work in UK galleries. Stephen's work is collected nationally and internationally.



Artist Statement

My painted work is a response to the coastal landscape. I record the location using photography as a point of reference; however, I don't reference the photo during the creative process I develop the the research using sketches and then explore the painted surface. Ultimately this allows freedom and gives fresh representations to my perceptions and sense of place. 

Stephen Stott